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We can also offer you used CANIGÓ machinery, 100% restored, revised and with guarantee. Our technicians are responsible for a thorough review of the machine for its operation at full capacity.

In our catalog of used machinery, they can find polishing machines, bridge cutting machines, universal work centers, drilling machine, etc.

If you are interested in buying used machinery or would like to sell any of the CANIGÓ machines of your property, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find what you are looking for


We are specialized in customized machinery, a customized solution to each particular need of our clients. The customized machinery allows finding specific solutions for complex and repetitive operations, improving the performance or increasing the production levels.

Do not hesitate to contact us and explain us your needs.

Par excellence classic bridge cutter. It allows carrying out any kind of cut with one or more different material slabs.
Its accurate design provides the machine with precision, agility, strength and long lifesspan.
It allows adding technical features and special cut programs in order to adapt the machine to the specific needs of each workshop (copying device, kitchen programs, cut programs to 0º and 90º…)
Examples of application:
It cuts bath and kitchen counters, floor tiles, skirtings, straight mouldings with copying device and other specific pieces.

For the polishing of straight edges on diferent mesures pieces also for making the bevels on the upper and lower part of the piece.
The structure of the machine is a monoblock structure and only needs levelling it, prepare the drain and connection to the electric line air and watter to install it.
The pieces are placed on vertical position, and through a conveyor belt are polished by the different heads in the inferior part, with this system the traditional problems of the horizontal polishing machines are avoided, in which when polishing the material is displaced out.
Basic bridge cutter which allows carrying out any kind of cut to slabs and any other non-thick piece.
It stands out because of its great versatility, agility and ease-of-use and this way it guarantees a high production rate.
It can optionally add cut programs to make complex and frequent jobs easier (kitchen programs, cut programs to 0º and 90º,…)
Examples of some applications:
It cuts bath and kitchen counters, floor tiles, skirtings and other specific pieces.

Drilling machine designed to make holes on the side faces of rectangular or square pieces of marble, granite, limestone, etc., in order to accommodate anchoring elements for facades.
The type of drill to be used is diamond with internal cooling with water, or hard metal.
The structure, mounted on four wheels, facilitates the transfer.

Medium size CNC bridge cutter characterized by its great versatility. Having the rotating head and the fixed table is ideal for workshops with limited space.
This is a basic concept strong machine. It was designed in order to offer a long lifespan and a high-performance.
The rotating head (Ø625 mm disk maximum) is made using high accurancy components. In this way accurate and fast movements are guaranted whatever work is done.
Equipped with the necessary automatisms, the HTO-XALOC-R allows you to carry out all kinds of work. Among other options, you can also incorporate a drilling head to make holes or milling jobs.


Machine for polishing straight and round edges on pieces of various measures.
Bridge cutter based on the HTO-GARBÍ moldel but it has a monobloc structure, tilting table and rotating head. It allows carrying out any kind of sheet cuts and any other non-thick piece cuts.
It stands out because of its great versatility, agility and ease-of-use and therefore guarantees a high production rate.
Since it has a monobloc structure, it makes the installation easier as it does not require foundation.
Examples of some applications:
It cuts bath and kitchen counters, floor tiles, skirtings and other specific pieces.

Bridge cutter of a considerable capacity. Depending on the maximum allowed disk diametre (from 1200mm to 2000mm), the structure of the machine presents the power and robustness necessary to ensure a good agility of movement and accuracy. 
Examples of application:
It cuts blocks, thick pieces, kitchen and bathroom counters, floor tiles, skirtings and other specific pieces.

Rectilinear polisher for flat edges. It allows to polish flat edges and lower and upper bevels.
The sophisticated polishing system, with the vertical parts and the heads acting at the bottom, avoids possible breakage of the material and reduces the space occupied by the machine.
It allows you to work with pieces up to 6cm thick.
Automatic band polisher used to polish rough material, granite and marble surfaces.
There is a first zone which incorporates the gauging heads. The second one is provided with the polishing heads which have a swing movement in order to guarantee a good finish result.
This machine enjoys an accurate design. On the frontal part there are transparent doors as well as the machine control buttons so that the work which is being done can be comfortably controlled and seen.
Different models depending on the amount of heads and the material minimum width to be worked (from 400mm to 2000mm). Its features can be modified according to each workshop needs.

The structure of this machine consists of a bridge, rails and a table which supports the materials.
The bridge has been solidly built, and it is located on top of two concrete or metal walls which, in turn, are located on both sides of the base. Valued for its accuracy, agility, robustness and enormous ease of use.
Along the bridge slides the carriage carrying the flat-type motor. Displacement tracks are protected and lubricated with oil in order to ensure that movements are smooth.
Arm polisher with the abrasives placed on a rotatory plate.
The flex arm is specially designed to be light and easy to use. This way, the worker can drive it easily through all the area which needs to be polished.
At the same time, the flex arm is provided with the operating buttons so that the work of the tool pressure can be confortably regulated and it can be adapted to the polishing needs in order to obtain an excellent result.
High-performance and long lifespan machine.

It is especially designed for workshops that initiate the activity in the sector, or else for those who want to have an auxiliary cutting machine with higher services and to reduce costs of elaboration with regard to the traditional arm cutting machines.
But the main advantage with regard to the cutting machines with advance through steering wheel, is that it has automatic regulation of the cutting speed with adjustment proportional to the speed, the worker can regulate the forward speed of the disk, of a very easy and simple form, always having the two free hands. This device can get to increase the yield of the diamond even 30% more (instead of advance for steering wheel).
Mobile bevelling machine.
It makes small bevels on the four edges of a piece. Its more appreciated characteristics are the facility of use and the mobility.
It is perfect to use as an auxiliary machine, for instance after a polisher machine, or in building works.
The bevelling system acts from the inner side, so it is no necessary to adjust the height of the headstocks. In this way, it is guaranteed a constant size of the bevels.
A simple cicle or a multiple cicle can be selected depending on the desired finishing level.
Thanks to the free balls on the table it is too easy to position and get out the piece.

Màquina de foradar concebuda per realitzar forats a les cares laterals de peces rectangulars o quadrades.
Gaudint d’un innovador disseny, resulta un model extremadament pràctic, manejable, eficaç i de molt baix cost.
Cada capçal és autoportant de tots els elements necessaris per a la realització del forat: broca, topalls, premsors, etc. Aconseguint així un funcionament molt àgil i còmode.
L’estructura, muntada sobre quatre rodes, en facilita el trasllat.
Permet foradar gran diversitat de formes i fins i tot substituir espontàniament, la broca per un petit disc podent realitzar així ranures horitzontals.


The bridge cutting machine HTO -15/H is stationed in the cut of one or several sheets superposed of granite, marble, etc. , in automatic or manual way. This cutter allows obtaining tiles, tops of kitchen and bath special pieces, strips, base boards, etc, in a precise and fast way thanks to its design and working system.  It stands out for its robustness and ease of use.